The Brigade School in Mahadevapura is set in a 4-acre plot, conveniently located off Whitefield Road in Mahadevapura. The school campus comprises several buildings, designed in a contemporary architectural style, surrounded by landscaped gardens and sports facilities.

The infrastructure and facilities are of a high order, making student life a truly memorable experience.


Classrooms are spacious and well ventilated interiors intelligently planned. We have a generously and imaginatively stocked library and a 760-seat air-conditioned auditorium.

As can be expected, students explore technology and the World Wide Web in suitably equipped computer rooms. They learn in large, well-equipped physics, chemistry and biology laboratories.

The school which allows students to explore and understand abstract concepts in mathematics and science.

By physically handling objects and actively exercising their senses, students are able to convert rules and laws, theories and formulae, into practicalities. Once they 'get' the hows and whys, their natural curiosity, instincts and aptitude bloom.

Clocking time!
Clocking time!

We follow a similar approach to the learning of languages. We believe that to really come alive, language has to leap out from written pages and be heard, spoken and understood in different contexts. Comprehension, vocabulary and pronunciation are enhanced as events gain a new dimension as they leap out of textbooks and become plays which the children enact.The same principle applies to the social sciences where students are taken on field trips to different places related to their curriculum


Sports facilities include a swimming pool and ample grounds with facilities for individual and group sports, including football, volleyball and basketball. Athletics also has a pride of place, with spaces for track events, jumps and throws.