Parents Speak

The Brigade School in Mahadevapura is managed by Brigade Foundation, a Not-for-Profit Trust. We have two more schools at JP Nagar and Malleswaram. Parents of students at The Brigade School at Mahadevapura have written to us of their experiences and reactions to the school. We share their responses with you in the excerpts that follow :

" Thank you so much for giving us a wonderful experience on Saturday. It was really awesome!!Kids did well. Teachers had put lots of efforts to make our event a successful one and we could see the result of that hard work. Really took back to our school days!!Even though it was sunny, kids performed well. Since it was a field performance, the view was different, unlike the stage performance where everybody will get the same view.
I would also like to thank you for calling me that day in response to my mail couple of weeks back. You are the head of our school and you found time to call me and make sure that you are there to listen to our concerns and to do your part. Thanks a lot for that Ma'am. Felt really happy when you responded.
The school bus pick-up timings are kind of toggling between 9.30-10..for our 11.30 class. Today bus came by 10.Hope that everything will be settled and kids don't have to wait too long in the traffic to reach the school.
I know you are doing your best and happy with that. And also happy to see our approach road in good condition. Thanks a lot Ma'am. "
(Namitha and Nyna's mother)