A wise person once described a school as a building that has four walls with tomorrow inside. The focus of education at The Brigade Schools embodies this idea – by giving students the deep roots they need to soar successfully into the future.

"There are two lasting bequests we can give our children:

One is roots. The other is wings."

-Hodding Carter, Jr.

Motto and Logo

Our motto and logo are reflections of the values and philosophy we uphold at The Brigade Schools.

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Voulez Vous | Music for Joy by the teachers of The Brigade Schools

This pandemic has tested all of us in many ways. But despite the odds all of us are trying our best to soar on. Music, has wondrous effects on all of us and here is an old classic harmonised by the staff of the school. It is our wish that it elevates your spirit and mood!

Excelling in the Virtual Classroom during the Covid pandemic

Custom Designed Experience

Deployed a custom designed online education platform so that our teachers and students have a great learning experience.

Co-curricular also goes online

Even though we are online, we still ensure we continue with our meaningful co-curricular activities.

Great Feedback from Parents and Students

Our online teaching experience has been received very well and has seen very encouraging participation.


We focus on inventing and reinventing a curriculum that is innovative, contemporary and meaningful to provide an international standard of education.

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Academic Approach

Our academic focus is based on a philosophy of teaching that is consistent with exemplary practices, and meets national standards of education.

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Jump Start

The Montessori based Jump Start Programme, gives our pre-primary students a head start through practical learning, and seamless transition to primary classes.

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Primary education at The Brigade Schools introduces children to the excitement and challenges of independent learning, and stimulates the 'Nine Intelligences'.

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Secondary & Senior Secondary

The Brigade Schools have carefully designed the secondary and senior secondary curriculum, to prepare students for the competitive world and shape the final years of their schooling.

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The Brigade Schools provides holistic education and focuses on the all-round development of children through the balanced trinity of Academics, Co-curricular and Mindspace. The Academics designed to be innovative and contemporary, shape smart and independent thinkers; robust Co-curricular spur creativity and imaginative thinking, and Mindspace supports practical learning.

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Our three schools at JP Nagar, Mahadevapura and Malleswaram, give the children

a head start with the benefits of a unique, Montessori based pre-primary education.