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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee discount for Brigade Millennium residents?
A: There is no discount in fees for any pupil.
What do the incidental charges include? Are there any extra expenses, apart from fees?
A: Uniforms, books, transport (if provided by the school), special excursions etc will have to be paid for separately.
What is the application procedure being followed for the coming academic year?
A: Information on the application procedure is available in the Applications link.
What is the fee structure?
A: Please call the school for fee details.
How many students are allotted to a class?
A: 36 students.
What is the admission procedure?
A: For those seeking admissions, an informal interaction will be conducted in which both pupil and parents have to be present. The final decision of the admission committee will be binding.
What syllabus is followed for entrance interactions?
A: There is no specified syllabus for the interactions. Interactions are concept and skill-based rather than syllabus-oriented, i.e., based more on what the student should know at his/her age.
How will an applicant know the dates for interactions and meetings?
A: Applicants will be informed directly by the school administration regarding the dates.
How will the pre-primary academics be?
A: It will combine the best from Montessori and standard teaching practices. Classes will be fun-filled and activity based
What foreign languages are being offered as second languages?
We do not offer any foreign language as a second language.
Are seats reserved for the residents of Brigade Millennium, Brigade Metropolis and Brigade Gateway?
No, seats are not reserved for residents living in the above mentioned apartments.