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Primary - Standard 1 to 8

Standards 1 to 8

Our Primary School introduces children to the excitement and challenges of independent learning. We try to involve and stimulate all the nine intelligences. So concepts are taught using audio-visual aids as well as story telling and enacting, to make it more exciting.

At the primary level, children are still 'learning to read' and from Standard 4 onwards, they start 'reading to learn'.

In understanding ideas, asking questions and working out answers, children improve skills like reading, writing, researching, reasoning and communicating. In the process, they develop both strong academic skills and lasting self-confidence.

Weights and Measures
Weights and Measures

The Arts and Physical Education, including swimming, become a part of their curriculum. In keeping with our philosophy of developing a "complete child", emphasis is placed on attributes like respect, tolerance, integrity and personal accountability.

We are passionate about educating our students, so we not only prepare them for the transition to secondary school with a curriculum that builds upon what is taught in the lower classes, we also encourage our students to persevere and do well in a curriculum that concentrates on critical thinking and problem solving.

The focus is on both academic content and the development of essential skills like critical thinking, intellectual curiosity and the ability to speak and write effectively. Their school programme includes a variety of co-curricular activities, intra-mural and inter-school events. Counselling on a regular basis, depending on individual needs.

Children in this age group have a growing, even if unarticulated, need to shoulder responsibility and be allowed independence. We give them opportunities to meet these needs, against the backdrop of the structure and support required to be successful in their efforts.