Parents Speak

“Good morning Ma’am, the children enjoyed the ‘Children’s Day’ show.

Even in these times it is amazing that teachers make time for these celebrations! Our heartfelt thanks to all teachers for their efforts and sacrifices!”
Malleswaram Parent

Parent of Ariun Konchady's

“My daughters are in nursery (Sagari) and 1st Std (Advita) respectively.

I want to write to you as a parent, appreciating the efforts that teachers (children’s day celebration) and kids (Rajyotsava celebration) have put in to make the virtual celebration a wonderful experience, not just for little kids but their parents as well. The effort put in by teachers is fantastic, and highly appreciated! The excitement on my daughter’s faces was testimony to the wonderful magic show that they witnessed. My elder daughter was in awe that her teachers could even do magic, apart from teaching lessons.

As a parent, I know kids would have enjoyed this much more, had it been in school, and the teachers missed out on seeing the excited faces in front of them while performing the magic show. The teachers put up a tremendous show and the keyboard playing and singing was wonderful. While most of us only get in touch with you with complaints and issues, I feel it’s equally important that the teachers and the school should be highly appreciated as well for their efforts to ensure everything is running smoothly and kids enjoy the virtual learning and celebrations as well. It is my humble request that this “note of thanks and appreciation” is passed on from me and my husband to all the teachers who ran the show on the children’s day virtual celebration. Thank you once again.”
Naina Vinay Mudugal

(Parent of Advita & Sagari Vinay Mudugal)

“As parents we are very happy and proud of the performance of our children in school activities. Like every year, this year too, the Annual Day was outstanding. The stage presentation was splendid this year. A very special appreciation for the fashion show.

The Fashion Show was very professionally done and I loved every bit of it. Very creatively put together. I’m a model and Mrs India subtitle winner as well, and I have done and seen many fashion shows at the National level as well, but this was just too good – formation, dressing and concept wise.

I wanted to appreciate the school for encouraging such concepts and ideas too.”

(M/o Sana from 3 C)

“We would like to thank you and your team for an amazing Annual day. Each event was organized & executed to perfection.

It is really nice to see all students involved in the annual day celebration.

We were very impressed with the band. It is a new concept for the school, please do nurture students the same way. We hope that by next Annual Day, we get to see one performance exclusively by the school band.

The visuals were excellent. We enjoyed the annual report as it had lots of photos of all the events that we do not get to see otherwise.

We would like to thank all the teachers and the support staff for all their efforts in making this event a grand success.”
Shreya Ravi

Parents of Shreya Ravi 8th B.

“I would like to congratulate you and the entire TBSG @ Malleswaram team on a spectacular show during yesterday’s Annual Day. It was wonderful to see the enthusiasm, energy and the gait with which the students performed. The spectacular sets and also the music were praise worthy.

It was great to see my daughter performing in various acts including a fashion show. Sunidhi has grown up to be a confident, matured and multi-talented girl from being a shy girl few years back. The credit goes to the teachers and the staff at your School. We are confident she will be life-ready in a year’s time from now where she would be out of the school life and entering the world. I am also confident this would be the feeling of most parents of your esteemed school.

This goes on to demonstrate your able leadership, guidance from the dedicated members of the KNIB team, led by Mrs Menon and the day to day inputs by the Principal Mrs Benegal and the most respected teachers of the school. I am confident my child is in the right hands!”

(Parent of Sunidhi Sampige)

“At the outset, I feel proud about having made the choice of admitting my girls Krishna and Kriti into The Brigade School. The school has been a part of our lives ever since we moved into Bangalore in 2013, and every moment at home, a majority of the conversations are in some way or the other connected to the school, its teachers etc.

My wife Chaitanya has been able to see another brilliant side of herself after she has joined the school as a teacher and it seems like she will remain a part of your family for a long time to come. Over all, a unit which is very well oiled in terms of its operations and, the concern and the involvement of the teachers towards the children and their progress, reminds me of my favourite teachers whom I remember during my school days. It is commendable to have an entire staff who is of the same variety.

Congratulations on heading this team. This letter is more to commend your team for its best ever Annual Day I have ever witnessed. The standard of the performance this year in my opinion has taken the bar to a much higher level.

All the programs were very entertaining, very well organised and of very high standard. Congratulations to each and every member of this school who has made it possible. The kids need a big pat on their backs for this. Well done children!”
Samith Thilak

“Congratulations to The Brigade school @ Malleswaram for the excellent results!

I would like to express my appreciation for the support & guidance that you have given to my son ‘Waman Gokhale ‘ who has finish his 10th in flying colours. I am sure that it was not an easy task for you to work towards it.

The institution is blessed with such talented teachers who have worked to make a difference in my child’s life. The teachers have always encouraged my child & I thank them for having faith in him. In short the children have developed an all-round personality which will help them to be future leaders. In short, the school’s effort & work is commendable!”
Anupallavi Gokhale

“At the outset, I would like to sincerely appreciate and thank the Principal, the entire teaching staff and the support staff, for taking tremendous efforts and interest in grooming the children.

Our child has been a part of your school for almost 3 years and we have seen a tremendous change in our child’s socio-emotional behaviour.

Since we spent almost 2.5 years overseas and as our child spent most of his initial childhood there, our child was a very shy and was not socially interacting with others, once we were back in India This really worried us.

I would like to highlight a few points which has been the best part of the school:
  1. The way the children are being guided well during the initial years of schooling, making them love and respect nature. Maybe very simple but it is effective e.g. Like using small glass of water during brushing their teeth, making them understand the importance of saving water.
  2. Concept of overnight stay at school – makes them really independent.
  3. The MSA activity wherein parents get to know how the child has learnt concepts taught in that academic year.
  4. The Annual Day – This really boosts the children’s confidence (stage fear). I was greatly mesmerised by the efficient presentation of the entire programme which was hosted by the children. Hats off to the efforts put by the staff.
  5. Open house – The staff is very polite in addressing the child’s improvement areas, made me really happy. Rather than complaints, we, the parents, were guided on how to overcome and improve the weak areas of our child, which also mended our ways of handling a few issues. A great applause to the entire team.
  6. Each one of your staff are so responsible in treating and handling children, may it be during the dispersal at the end of the day or during the school day programme.

Finally I would like to thank again the entire team and we as patents are really happy that our ward is a part of your organisation. The school is working with the motto that it is just not academics but good behaviour, etiquette and manners which together define a real human being.”

(Parent of Chiranth)

“My son Dhruv Joshi studies in 1st C in The Brigade school@ Malleswaram and I have been associated with the school for the last 4 years. A few days back in a get together of some friends a topic of various schools came up and some of my friends mentioned how their children did not like their school and the stress they are going through with dealing with their children. At this point I realized that my son hasn’t had any compliant about his school ever. While he has his usual tantrums some times to push his luck to get a holiday, there hasn’t been any REAL problem and he has always enjoyed his time at the school.

At this point I realized that the school has created an environment which makes him like the school, this sounds like something that is taken for granted and expected of every school. However, I realize not every school is able to provide and also realise its importance based on discussions with my friends. I therefore want to write to you and provide our appreciation for having created this environment of fun and learning for my son (my daughter has also joined the school)

Some specific things that I want to appreciate:

  1. I notice an emphasis on Indian culture and values to which I and my family attach a great deal of importance. We notice this in the Indian greeting of ‘namaskara’ instead of a hi or a hello by teachers and students, the school anthem and themes of school events (to name a few)
  2. I noticed children playing Kabbadi which is a lost sport in most schools this again shows that the school is committed to promoting local values without trying to be pretentious by promoting only glamorous western sports.
  3. I meet a lot of teachers who are very passionate about their children, without naming any one specific, I recall a teacher saying she will try her best to make sure her students remember her and greet her even after they pass out of her class. These sort of meetings further our trust in the school and its teachers. This one example sent me a message that it was not just a ‘JOB’ for this teacher but a lot more personal. I congratulate the school for having such teachers on board and wish they continue to do so.
  4. I am also very happy with the varied extracurricular activities and the quality of these activities at the school like Music and Swimming. I notice that the teachers and facilities for these activities are of high quality and not something that’s just a tick in the box.

These are just a few things I have noticed and wanted to make I share it with all, the biggest barometer for me is my son going to the school with a smile every day. Please accept this note of appreciation to the entire teaching and administration staff of the school.”
Prashanth Joshi

Parent of Dhruv Joshi

“Our ward, Advik BS, studies in UKG B Section of your Yeshwantpur branch and has been a student with you for the last three years. We have had a wonderful experience with the school and have seen our child metamorphose from a shy toddler to a social, well mannered little boy, and would like to take this opportunity to appreciate the hard work and commitment of your teachers and staff, which has played a major role in this change.
We would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate you and the teachers of your school for the wonderful performances that were put up by the children in the Annual Day and during the MSA that was held earlier this week. It is indeed a revelation to us to see that our 5/6 year olds are capable of so much. Compering the Annual Day, remarkable performances, be it in dance or drama, to speaking with confidence to rank strangers and showcasing what they have learnt – it’s really encouraging to see the children’s all round development.
These interactions also give us insights on what we can encourage the children to do and hone their skills more on, at home… Kudos to your teachers for their patience and persistence in coaching the children and turning out such stellar performances!
We would also like to take this opportunity to request you for more frequently scheduled interactions (quarterly, at least) with the teachers to get more real time feedback on the child’s development.
We would also like to inform that we and a few other parents living in our apartment complex at Malleswaram, are very keen to avail school bus facilities and would request you to re-consider this option.
We are happy to have our child be a part of your school, and look forward to a lengthy association with you.”
Aruna & Srinivas

“To all the teachers and staff of Brigade school, At the outset let me congratulate and thank you for the brilliant opportunity provided to us as parents to be part of the MSA day in school yesterday. It was the first for us and something which will be cherished by us forever.
The Entire program was very well conceptualized and organized and it was a sheer pleasure to interact with the kids. It was amazing to see the little ones display their knowledge with the enthusiasm and confidence that has been instilled in them by the school.
In fact, we as parents got to learn a lot from the kids yesterday and also got to know about the way things are taught in school these days!! Kudos to the teachers for the commendable effort that they have put in consistently throughout the year which has resulted in such a fruitful outcome.
The biggest compliment a teacher or a school can get is when a student goes home and says ‘I had a great day at school’ and that’s what our child and we both felt yesterday. Thanks for making them ‘enjoy learning’ and making them realize ‘that school can be fun’.
As parents our child’s future is our constant concern. But at the back of our minds we are at peace now because we know our child is in good hands in a school likes this cause at the end of it all ‘We are raising a child together’.
Here’s wishing the school lots of success in future as well, cause when u succeed so do we as parents.”
Ashwini Trasi

(Neharika's Mother)