Parents Speak

“I would take this opportunity to congratulate the whole Brigade team for all the efforts spent in organizing the virtual schooling for the little ones. As Aatish’s parents, we are happy with all teachers especially Ms. Shaju ma’ams way of rendering the concepts to our little one, we have seen that she gracefully teaches concepts to make sure the child understands the topic with the attention indeed, her method of approaching kid is exceptional.”
Pramodh K N & Shweta

Parents of Aatish's-UKG

“I am writing this email, to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude to all the teachers and staff at The Brigade School, Mahadevpura, for their commitment and resilience in these difficult times! Many times we tend to take our privileges for granted and fail to realise and acknowledge the sheer hard work and sleepless nights that go on behind the scenes, to make things as seamless as possible. The speed and agility with which the school adapted to the pandemic to ensure all our children were able to continue with their classes is an example of this and I wish to personally appreciate everyone at School who has made this possible. I cannot even start to fathom what it might have taken to pull this off. Our best wishes to the school for many more years of success! With the deepest sense of gratitude, thank you!”
Shilpa Diwakar and Ramprasad

Parents - Arya Ramprasad

“My daughter Heetal Vetcha is in class 2B, The Brigade School, Mahadevapura. I’m writing this mail to convey my heartfelt appreciation to the teachers and the school authorities, who have been working diligently over the last few months and conducting online classes impeccably.

The classes have been quite engaging and interactive. The PPT’s introduced in the online classes are keeping the children glued to the classes. My ward particularly looks forward to attending all the classes with a lot of enthusiasm. I also appreciate the school, for innovatively conducting various events and encouraging the students to showcase their hidden talents. My child has thoroughly enjoyed the Children’s Day event conducted by the school. Thanks to all of you for getting the children adapted to the new mode of learning. Congratulations to the Principal and all the teachers who have made the learning happen effectively without any hindrances in spite of the havoc wreaked by the pandemic.”
Vamsi Krishna V

Dell EMC | Senior Manager

“We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the opportunity given to students of class 7 to present their reading material in such an innovative manner – The Literary Activity. The idea of this project itself is very creative.

Allowing the students to drive the entire planning, preparation, and execution was a great learning experience for them and also a very important life skill – teaching them to work as a team, navigate through difference of opinions, and be creative under time pressure and limited resources.

All the students executed this very brilliantly and it was indeed a great pleasure for us to witness this presentation.

Thanks to all the teachers who guided them through this process.”
Poonam & Hrishikesh

“It was really a marvelous performance yesterday. Kids, Teachers and the supporting staffs all did a great job. Special thanks to our teachers who trained the kids for this event.

Well-coordinated and wonderful!!”

Mother of Namitha and Nyna's

“Our appreciation to all the teachers and staff for making this Annual day so endearing to all the children. Our daughter, could not stop gushing over how much she enjoyed it.

We could see all the efforts and hard work done by all the teachers and really appreciate the time you spent with them. All the programmes were very good and decorations were also beautiful.”

Parent of Pahal Maheshwari

“Abhilash, now an Alumus of the school, was with The Brigade School @ Mahadevaura since pre-primary. We have always believed that a school should be close to home, give the child the independence to think and hone his creative skills. We were looking for a school which would be a home away from home, have a well-rounded curriculum and above all have balanced time for academics and extra-curricular activities. We are glad we have found The Brigade School @ Mahadevapura to take care of all our requirements. There has not been a single day when my child has wanted to stay back at home.

The Principal, teachers and staff are so well connected with the kids that the school has become an extended family. The well rounded curriculum has made sure that the child has ample time to work on his/ her passions while concentrating on academics.

The various competitions the school sends the children to like the Olympiad, bring out the confidence in children. Children are introduced to various sports like football, basketball, swimming etc. at a very early age giving them an idea about each sport. This helps them choose and pursue the one they like the most. The Annual day, the MSA (Mind Space Activity) day and the sports day create a sense of excitement among the students and parents alike. The school makes sure that no child is left behind and every child gets an opportunity to perform in all the activities giving the child a sense of satisfaction and pride in being able to perform. The efforts put in by the Principal, teachers, students and help staff are seen when our little ones perform to perfection.

The counselling sessions for anti-bullying etc help the children understand right from wrong. The older children have sessions helping them handle stress and exam pressure. With academic, extracurricular and co-curricular activities in one place The Brigade School has definitely been a great choice!”

(Parent of Akansha and Abhilash M.)

“As parents, we were looking for something more than good infrastructure and facilities in a school. The Brigade School @ Mahadevapura impressed us with their warm and welcoming staff.

The pre-primary area was segregated from the primary and had its own facilities, which were excellent. As my child went from Nursery to Std 1, I realized that the curriculum was what set the school apart. The Montessori Method interspersed with the traditional method lay emphasis on day to day learning skills.

Today my child is independent and confident because of the exposure and opportunities offered by the school.

The night stay for the Pre-primary children is unique to The Brigade Schools. This event gives the children and staff a chance to spend time together and have fun in a safe and secure environment.

I am happy that my child is studying in a school where the environment is conducive and meets the demands of the world.”