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Our Approach


OUR Approach

We offer an excellent education in an outstanding environment. Our educational model is designed to blend traditional and contemporary thinking on educational pedagogy, methodology and psychology.

Quality Education

An excellent academic environment and well trained and motivated teaching staff.

An innovative, constantly evolving curriculum that blends relevant international educational trends with traditional Indian values like discipline and respect.

An 'every child matters' philosophy that enables each student to achieve his or her full potential.

Children are encouraged to raise the bar on their individual learning skills, rather than working in competition with others.

The Montessori method of learning in Pre-primary, with traditional practices (memorising poems / times tables, for example) being introduced at the appropriate levels.

Teamwork and collaborative learning are actively encouraged.

In-house remedial teaching introduced early, so that no child is left behind.

In-house trained counsellors to mentor both children and staff members.

Regular parent-teacher contact through , meet-the-teacher sessions and progress reports.The parents can meet the principal with a prior appointment.


Multi-dimensional Curriculum Design ( © Brigade Foundation), combining the best methodologies of teaching up to the 8th standard, so that the students can cope with the board of their choice at the secondary level.

Theme-based learning that exposes students to different ideas and cultures. (For instance, an in-depth focus on a different country / state every year.)


Bright and airy classrooms.

760-seater auditorium / requisite labs for computers and the sciences.

A large Football field / Basketball and Volleyball courts

Athletic 200 m and 100 m track.

A competition-sized swimming pool.

Transport facilities