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Who We Are


WHO we are

A wise person once described a school as a building that has four walls with tomorrow inside. The focus of education at The Brigade School in J. P. Nagar embodies this idea by giving its students the strong roots they need to soar successfully into the future.

The Brigade School in JP Nagar is located in the Brigade Millennium Campus in JP Nagar 7th Phase, South Bangalore. It has rapidly become an institution of academic excellence in the last decade. The school follows the CBSE curriculum and has been awarded an A Grade by the CBSE Board. It has classes from Nursery to Standard 12. All the graduating batches of Standard 10 & 12 have achieved 100%, first class results in the board exams. The school has excellent academic, sports and co-curricular facilities which the students have utilized to the fullest, winning laurels for themselves and their Alma Mater. Teachers are experienced in their subjects and sensitive to the needs of children.

We love our school
We love our school
Young in years and spirit, yet rich in academic experience, the school has already earned the reputation of being an institution of excellence.

The Brigade School in J. P. Nagar began its first academic year in 2004. The results speak for themselves: all the batches that have graduated from Standard 10 and Standard 12 have achieved 100% first class results.

The school is managed by Brigade Foundation.


Brigade Foundation is a Not-for-Profit Trust established by the Brigade Group. The Foundation is interested in education, health, and community development. The present focus is on education at the school level.

Introducing the KNIB Initiative

Our Knowledge and Information Bank (KNIB) serves as a central repository of all education-related resources and information with respect to pedagogy, curriculum and training. (Copyright Brigade Foundation 2009). KNIB is staffed by a dedicated team of qualified and experienced professionals and access to KNIB is open to all our schools.


Happy Children being escorted by support staff
We believe that the four 'C's play an equal part in making a great academic institution—Children, Coaches, Curriculum and Character.

We believe that:

Every child matters.

Different children learn differently and come from different home situations.

While striving for excellence in school may not translate into automatic 'success' in the outside world, it is an invaluable goal for students.

We believe that all Coaches-academic and co-curricular, teaching and non-teaching:

Are mentored and trained to constantly improve on their professional skills.

Must meticulously adhere to the code of conduct towards children, colleagues & institution.

Have integrity and a positive attitude with constant striving to improve oneself.

We believe that the Curriculum:

Should follow the National Curriculum Framework.

And in doing so enhance the learning capability of every child.

Utilise the best textbooks available and teachers resources to create the best teaching practices.

Be innovative and introduce vibrant teaching practices that will lead to joyful learning.

We believe that the Character of the Institution is defined by:

Safe and secure environment for children and staff

Bright and clean atmosphere.

Good facilities with all the tools required for learning well.

Students 'positive' attitude to their environment and the society in which they live.

Our Motto

"O nanna chetana, aagu nee aniketana"

O my spirit, transcend all boundaries

Our school motto and logo are an extension of our philosophy: let the spirit fly, let the mind soar into new horizons...

Our school motto is taken from the first line of the poem Aniketana, written by Karnataka's poet laureate Kuvempu in 1956.

In this poem, Kuvempu seeks to break out of the narrow confines of home, religion and country, and to reach for the eternal and the universal.

Kupalli Venkatappa Puttappa

A household name wherever Kannada is read and spoken, Kupalli Venkatappa Puttappa (K.V. Puttappa, 1904-1994) is revered as one of the greatest Kannada poets of the 20th century. He has written over 70 books that include poetry, novels, essays and plays.

Kuvempu believed in "manuja mata, vishva patha" (mankind's religion is the universal path of all people), a philosophy reflected in several of his poems and essays.

Our Logo

J.P.Nagar Quote
Our logo is the visual translation of our motto.
The bird, a seagull, represents the soaring spirit and intellectual freedom.
The yellow square stands for energy, optimism and happiness.
The fact that our motto is from a Kannada poem symbolises the need for rootedness. The script being in English represents a universal outlook.


Nursery, LKG and UKG.
Standards 1 to 8
Standards 9 and 10
Senior Secondary
Standards 11 and 12
Academic Terms
First term
June - September
Second term
October - April
8:25 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Standard 1 - 12
8:25 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
  1. School works 5 days a week
  2. Extra classes for Standards 9 to 12 may be held on Saturdays, if and when required.
  3. Special practice and rehearsals may be held from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on weekdays and Saturdays too, if required.